STELLAR Objectives

The STELLAR project offers a unique opportunity for IANAO and TUS to lay the foundations for development and exploitation of major national RA infrastructure, by benefiting from the know-how transfer and experience from partner institutions ASTRON and DIAS.

STELLAR Overall Objectives

  • To significantly increase the technical and radio astronomy expertise and utilization of LOFAR data at IANAO and TUS as part of the strategy for development of national RA observatory in Bulgaria, by transferring technical and scientific know-how from world-leading RA institutions; During the project-organized schools, training sessions, and hand-on practices on RA and related LOFAR engineering aspects, IANAO and TUS participants and staff will be able to learn and become experienced in the LOFAR data handling and analysis.
  • To improve the capacity of IANAO staff to carry internationally competitive RA and SW research; With the obtained experience in LOFAR related instrumentation and data, IANAO staff will be able to participate more actively in research collaborations with renowned researchers in the field and also lead their own research in RA.
  • To develop and strengthen long-term research collaborations between IANAO, ASTRON, DIAS, and TUS; This project will be used as a foundation for a long-term collaboration and staff/students exchange between the participating institutes.
  • To prepare for future sustainable development of a LOFAR observing station in Bulgaria. During the project, IANAO team, aided by TUS, will gain the necessary research and technical experience, e.g. for the analysis, data flow handling and management of facilities, all of these needed for a project for a local LOFAR station.

STELLAR will increase the visibility of RA research by IANAO scientists, and will help them establish new collaborations, as well as benefit from existing advanced scientific networks. STELLAR will help shape a national center for RA and SW expertise and the development of novel technological solutions.

STELLAR Specific Objectives

  • To transfer knowledge and capacity in radio astronomy – both technical and scientific – from the highly experienced staff in ASTRON and DIAS to IANAO and TUS staff by means of versatile training activities;
  • To expand the research potential of the local solar and space weather experts through a combination of target training activities and research discussions and collaborations with ASTRON and DIAS experts using LOFAR observations;
  • To provide an opportunity for IANAO and TUS scientific and engineering personnel to build the necessary expertise and technical capabilities required for the building and operation of a LOFAR station;
  • To develop local educational curricula for sustainable development of radio astronomy in Bulgaria.

The STELLAR project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952439. It is coordinated by the Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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