International LOFAR seminar

We’re extremely happy to announce that the Institute of Astronomy with National Astronomical Observatory at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, is organizing international seminar-discussion, dedicated on pan-European distributed low-frequency radio telescope LOFAR!

The day-long event will hold place in December 3, 2019, Tuesday, at the Sofia Tech Park (Hall 125, Laboratory complex).

The goals of the seminar are 1) presenting to the Bulgarian astronomical community the benefits of the LOFAR telescope, 2) discussing the creation of a National consortium for building and managing a Bulgarian LOFAR station, 3) inclusion in the International LOFAR Telescope.

We have invited great lecturers: 

Rene Vermeulen – Director of International LOFAR Telescope, ASTRON, Netherlands

Carla Baldovin – Policy Officer LOFAR and European Radio Facilities, ASTRON, Netherlands

Pietro Zucca – Staff Researcher, Co-Chair of LOFAR Solar KSP, ASTRON, Netherlands

Peter Gallagher – Senior Professor, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Head of Irish LOFAR, Ireland

Eoin Carley – Research Scientist, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Head of Irish LOFAR, Ireland

Marcis Donerblics  – Deputy head of technical service, Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center, Latvia

Ilia Roussev – Program Director, Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences, NSF, USA

International LOFAR seminar
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