Video presentations from the LOFAR seminar

For everyone who was not able to take part in our seminar on the European radio telescope LOFAR  in december, you can now watch a video of the presentations (English) as well as a discussion with the lecturers on how to fund and create such scientific infrastructures!

In the first presentation Dr. Rene Vermeulen, director of the International LOFAR telescope, ASTRON, The Netherlands, shared the scientific capabilities of the LOFAR telescope.

Dr. Carla Baldovin from ASTRON shared details on how the telescope is organized, what are the different partners and international consortia involved.

Professor Peter Gallagher from Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS) recreated in his presentation the fascinating adventure of developing the Irish LOFAR station and consortium.

Dr. Eoin Carley from DIAS shared with the audience details on the science research  I-LOFAR.

Mr. Mārcis Donerblics from Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center (VIRAC) gave details on how the newest LOFAR station is Latvia is created.

Dr. Pietro Zucca from ASTRON presented the scientific discoveries of LOFAR in the field of heliophysics and space weather.

Аssoc. Prof. Kamen Kozarev from the Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) made a summary of the work done to initiate the Bulgarian LOFAR station and consortium.

The last part of the seminar was dedicated to a discussion on practical steps and experience in establishment and management of LOFAR telescope and its international stations.

All seminar videos can be also found on Institute of Astronomy’s YouTube channel:

Video presentations from the LOFAR seminar
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