The third of the closing schools within the STELLAR project

The third of the closing schools under the project STELLAR took place at the National Astronomical Observatory of Rozhen from 19-23 June. Participants in the project and organizers of the schools are the Institute of Astronomy with NAO – BAS and the Technical University in Sofia, in partnership with the Dublin Institute for Advanced Research DIAS and the Netherlands Institute for
Radio Astronomy ASTRON.

The school on solar research and space weather with LOFAR, which is organized jointly with the “Cosmos” Branch of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria, had lecturers from ASTRON – the Netherlands, the University of Helsinki – Finland and DIAS – Ireland. Topics of lectures and exercises, LOFAR data processing and analysis, were: introduction to solar activity and space weather studies
with LOFAR; dynamic spectra; interferometric imaging and studies of the ionosphere. Along with the lectures and exercises, the participants of the school got to know the capabilities of NAO Rozhen and the prospects for the largest astronomical complex in South-Eastern Europe after the official opening of the new 1.5 m telescope, manufactured in Austria, on July 1.


The third of the closing schools within the STELLAR project
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