Digital Signal Processing course part I presented at TU-Sofia

The third activity of the first period on Work Package 2 was the Digital Signal Processing course part I,  presented between 04.10-08.10.2021 by eng. Ronald de Wild, on-site on the campus of the Technical University of Sofia. 10 participants from the Technical University, the Institute of Astronomy, and Sofia University, attended the course and learned the basics of the theory of Signals, Transforms, and Systems. 

The DSP course is divided into two modules. In the first part (“Basic DSP”), basic topics on digital signal processing have been treated. The knowledge of DSP at MSc-level treated in the first module will be needed for the second part (“Advanced DSP”). 

A list of the topics treated during the course program “Basic DSP”:

Signals (part 1 of 2) classifications; representations; operations 

Transforms (part 1 of 3) [Continuous-Time] Fourier Transform 

Signals (part 2 of 2) sampling; quantization 

Transforms (part 2 of 3) Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT) & Z-Transform 

Systems (part 1 of 3) general: characterization; properties; behavior Systems (part 2 of 3) specific: LTI digital filters: classification; analysis; synthesis

The students have now acquired all the knowledge necessary for the next module of the course!

Digital Signal Processing course part I presented at TU-Sofia
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